Friday, 21 September 2012

Reprobate Demonstrate - A Poetic Reflection

In light of the myriad demonstrations still ongoing in a number countries with respect to the recent film that, posted on YouTube, that slandered Islam's holy prophet, I've posted some poetic reflections on the moment, below. You can also check out a previous and related post, Dislam

Reprobate Demonstrate

Every week I wait for today,
The eventful and holy Friday.

It is the time to assemble,
And the shepherd to dissemble.

Each second grows the chatter,
To decide who to batter.

Capital to capital, city to city,
Outflows the vitriol and the enmity.

Reprobate demonstrate.

It is God’s name on our tongue,
When the call to prayer is rung.

It is God’s book to which we look,
When we decide who’s on the hook.

It is God’s word that we recite,
Before we go out to fight.

It is God’s orders that we follow,
In our actions no matter hollow.

Reprobate demonstrate.

The holy day and God’s name in tow,
The anger and outrage start to flow.

Pictures and films subject to scorn,
True calls for justice only forlorn.

Upon distant figures guilt pronounced,
Appeals for calm, quickly denounced.

Burning the symbols of other nations,
With a call for the greater Nation.

Reprobate Demonstrate.

Shall we fight the fiction far away,
Or face the reality near us today.

Shall we oppose constant corruption,
Or find purity in misdirection.

Shall we defend innocents,
Or obsess over jins.

Shall we open our minds,
Or shall we lose our minds.

Reprobate demonstrate. 

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