Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Geopolitico returns...shortly

Dear Visitors, Readers and Subscribers,

It has been nearly six months since my last post in late 2011. A confluence of reasons have limited my posts in recent months. While I have been active in recent months on other projects and in the media on various geopolitical issues, this has not translated to a series of posts I have been intending to write. These reflections in 2012 respond to experiences ranging from discussions with Syrian dissidents in Beirut and Dubai to a visit to the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula in January to debate on the ethic of military intervention in Oxford. In the fast-moving world we will live, there is no shortage of geopolitical developments ongoing, particularly in the Middle East and surrounding regions, necessitating appropriately contextualized analysis.

In that light, and after a reprieve, in the coming days I will be penning a number of pieces once again, on some of the more pertinent of these topics.

With warm regards,

(The Geopolitico)

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