Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dislam (A poetic journey)

In a break with some of my traditional posts, I wanted to share with you a poem. In fact, periodically I will be posting different pieces reflecting on international affairs and the Muslim world generally, using different forms, including poetry and fiction. Please write back with your reflections.  


Assalam alaikum,
In Riyadh or Qum,

Shalom as well,
To Ali and Ariel,

This be a story,
‘bout fake glory,

Talk about God,
Walk on him roughshod,

That is the world,
We have unfurled,

Hate is cheap,
No peace to keep,

I ain’t no teach,
Not here to preach,

But this I see,
And it’s not only me,

We’re not right,
Using our might to fight,

Muslim and Jew,
Christian and Hindu,

It be the same,
Each one plays the game,

No one outside,
Even if they hide,

Each one kills,
And the other shrills,

It’s the same song,
Universally wrong,

Yet it pains more,
When from my folklore,

And when I look,
It’s not in my holy book,

The philosophy around,
Told about town,

I’m talking about Dislam,
Not my Islam,

That’s what I see,
All around me,

No place for the woman,
It’s the man who won,

She must cover,
While I get to hover,

She stays inside,
While I go outside,

She prays at the back,
While I get to be a mack,

That the truth,
Unholy and uncouth,

There’s a lot more,
Let’s discuss the gore,

It is kill that sect,
The one we reject,

A leader decides,
Each believer derides,

Life loses all value,
With a fatwa on cue,

Bomb a school,
If it’s for girls it’s cool,

Blow up who prays,
If they in my way,

Take out a grandmother,
If I lose my own brother,

Forgive and let live,
Is not for us to give,

This is Dislam,
Not my Islam,

But it ain’t too late,
To stop the hate,

Not just against you,
Also for the Jew,

Why we averse,
To the famous verse,

My religion to me,
Yours to thee,

Yes externally,
And yes internally,

Nothing will change,
Without your voice in range,

Each one has a role,
To speak from the soul,

If it’s silence,
It will beget violence,

So speak with me,
Say it clearly,

I don’t want Dislam,
Bring me Islam.

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