Monday, 9 August 2010

Word on the 'American' Street

The United States is one of the few countries in the world that has championed for many years a secular model that enshrines an individual's choice of religion. Public discourse, however, is also unrestrained in America and thus each and every viewpoint can be found. On one hand you have Bloomberg's speech (i.e. the passionate one he gave in defense of the so-called Ground Zero Islamic center), and on the other there is the vitriolic hate that is thriving particularly on the amorphous internet, the new American Street (as juxtaposed to the oft-quoted Arab Street).

Earlier today (Sunday), Fox News led with this story on its website: "Politics in Play at Proposed Ground Zero Mosque." Here are a sampling of the comments below the article; the viewpoints expressed are by no means periphery and today, in many ways, they have become mainstream in parts of the U.S.

I want my country back!: Saturate the ground with pig blood first

Bill Mykalcio: No to the mosque at ground zero. No to sharia law

Boyrex7: We can't build a church in there country. Why are we helping the Moslems when they are trying to distroy us?

Jogr40: bush messed up, he should have bombed cairo, tehran, damascus, bagdad, lahore,( agood name for a pakastani city) ryad, on 9/12 /2001 with a large yield H bomb, would not have had any talk about this BS or war crimes.

Tom1940: Plenty of room to build mosques in NYC. Just don't build it at Ground Zero. When there are christian churches built in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, then and only then, would there be another mosque built in the U.S.

alblipblopsharpton: Islam must go. Period. It's time to get some ball and get rid of these scum.

Maczeff: Let em build it.. I bet it doesn't stay standing for more than a week.

Forgetit: Pig heads, blood and guts scattered on the site everyday will put on end to this outrage. Don't hold your breath, although the city has some pig heads no blood and guts left.

MJ: This mosque has nothing to do with freedom of religion, there are plenty of mosques in NYC. It's about terrorist sympathizers rubbing our nose in 9-11 and we're too stupid to see it. Do your homework. Our ignorance is astounding.

BuckOfama: say let them build it. How long do you think it will take once its built before someone drives a truckload of explosives into the mosque???

ashamed to be here: shame on the mosque , oh i forgot , they have no shame , unless you consider how they kll there kids for wanting to date a christian , or someone that is not of the koran Ground zero will have its true name zero people will ever want to go there again might as well give it the name of talaban wins ,

JMZ: Its simple. this is a war trophy nothing else. all thoes fools who think its otherwise have no idea what they are talking about. thats why they cry racism or some other nonsense to try to distract. so lets get one thing clear kids. bloomberg is an idiot and possible traitor. the mosque will NOT be built and if it is will NEVER be allowed to stand!!

Brian in Phoenix: They put that POS mosque up and we should bomb the Dome in Jerusalem and rebuild the temple that should be there. The left in this country is so naive it's sickening. They think they're being "inclusive" and "diverse" but in reality, we are being smacked in the face by Islam and they are "planting their flag" on American soil.

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