Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Rethinking the World 101

When you read or watch the news daily it is easy to get mired in the mundane and accustomed to the way things are. We get comfortable with notions of the expected and often are unprepared for what may in fact be around the corner. Thus every now and then the academic chattering classes offer up a vision of the future. There are many 'prognosticators' among us describing what is in store for the world. We've had the End of History from Francis Fukuyama and the Clash of Civilizations from Samuel Huntington in decades past. These days, there are those like thinker Parag Khanna who offers us the Second World and columnist Tom Friedman who proffers a flat one.

Instead of giving a catchy title to a new world order, I instead want to give you reason to pause by asking you to rethink the world around you. Each month, I will list here on, ten new 'micro-analyses' for the next decade (i.e. by 2020). I will explore these statements in different pieces throughout the month, but for now you will have to be content with the conjecture! Feel free to digest, discuss and digress.

Rethinking the World 101:

1. China will overtake the US economy and become the world's most powerful country financially.

2. Al Qaeda will become a sideshow and distraction as the Muslim world, in large part, begins to have a positive view of America.

3. Israel will become a rogue state in Western eyes and increasingly face isolation and sanction from traditional allies, especially in Europe.

4. Iran and Saudi Arabia will be allies.

5. Russia and the US will not.

6. Sub-Sarahan Africa will be the world's high growth region.

7. Pakistan and India will sign a historic friendship agreement, but will still not have resolved the Kashmir issue.

8. Afghanistan will be abandoned.

9. Egypt will go through massive secularization socially especially in Cairo and the hijab will become passe amongst the youth.

10. The Pope will be Black.

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