Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Mosque Wars in America

If you are viewing this by email, you have to go to the site (TheGeopolitico.com) to view the YouTube clip embedded in the post. 

President Obama recently entered the fire by lending his tacit support to the builders of a proposed Islamic center in Lower Manhattan. This has further emboldened critics of the plan, and even stalwart allies of the President such as Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have voiced opposition to the so-called ground zero mosque.

Amidst the hysteria, in this clip, I break down the debate, what the Islamic center is about, and what the opposition to it means.


  1. I enjoyed this.
    Taufiq, who is your intended audience for the videos? I am just curious...Have you been able to track their penetration?

    Great work!

  2. It's harder to know who watches the videos. The intended audience to be honest is evolving over time; it is typically geared to people in the West, maybe who know less about the region.