Monday, 10 May 2010

Don't go loco -- welcome The Geopolitico

This opening salvo represents a veritable vocal return to the world of geopolitics (and its companions) and writing. For the past seven years I have been working, studying, and traveling in and between the West and the proverbial Greater Middle East. During that time, I have seen the world through the lens of civil leaders in Qana, sarpanches in Gujarat, youth in Dushanbe, bankers in Libya, educators in Riyadh, taxi drivers in Dubai, and the list goes on. The strange twists and turns have led me to study counter-insurgency with active military officers, to advise on industrialization in the Gulf. One moment I am in a Harvard classroom teaching undergraduates about the world of political Islam, and the next I am interfacing with some of the movements under discussion while working with the UN.

This page represents a chance to share some of my experiences - as they happen - as well as reflections on some of the most pertinent issues and challenges facing us as a global society. You will find postings of recent articles I have written interspersed between daily comments. Most of the focus will be on the East-West dynamic, and issues facing the Muslim world. Please always feel free to comment - and welcome to the world of The Geopolitico.

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  1. sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing more